Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Take your brand or project not only to another level but to another place by harnessing the power of Virtual Reality. Immersable creates mind-bending experiences through Virtual Reality combined with real life 360 videos, and 3D animation.
Give your clients the opportunity to view before they decide with a VR tour, ideal for real estate, bars, clubs, restaurants, aircraft, yachts or even for event venues...

Mobile Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Not to be confused with virtual reality, augmented reality (AR) has brought new opportunities to many markets. From prototyping to training, from experiential marketing to gaming, from revolutionising printed ads to allowing glasses, clothes and even hairstyles to be tried at home. Like all emerging technologies, Augmented Reality has brought new ways of communicating with customers and employees and offers a wealth of interactive opportunities whether the augmented reality experience is delivered via the web, on mobile or on PC.

Interactive Experiential Marketing

From interactive walls to 3D immersive experiences, from motion capture to holograms, from augmented reality to Video mapping move your clients with creative concepts that engage and fascinate. A TV is just a TV without the movie.

Video Mapping

Video Mapping and Video Installations

Video mapping can turn any building, venue or object in to an art form. Immersable works with the client to create the concept, the story, and finally the WOW factor.
Any surface can become a screen to comunicate with your audience. Immersable loves to create unusual screen installations which reinforce your message

Event Concepts

Event Concept and Management

Immersable creates event concepts and offers full event management services from inception to implementation and has worked internationally with an enviable list of household names.

3D Design

3D Design

From design concept to production and implementation, immersable not only designs, but brings ideas to life

Some of our Projects

From stadium and experential events to VR and Black Theatre concept shows

Grolsch Bar Design Interactive Marketing Virtual Reality Conde Nast Beauty Hub Black Theatre Holgram Interactive Marketing Stand Brown Forman - Vodka Finlandia and Jack Daniels Show

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